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Lingerie theme is too sexy..

Forums Item Feedback Lingerie theme is too sexy..

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    WARNING: Don't view if you're under 18 or easily offended.


    I have been working on this Lingerie website template design in my spare time for months now and am ready to go sell it but Mojo-Themes admin says it's too racey and need some feedback on what images you find are too sexy – or maybe I should just change it to be old ladies with dressing gowns ;-)….." alt=”Lingerie website template” />



    Good job on the design and the girls are fabulous, however you might want to find girls with more closed-style lingerie :) And add some afroamerican ones, all of them are white :)





    @Weblusive Thanks mate, I was thinking along those lines. btw there is a coloured lady – in fact she became my 'favourite' and is used for the lightbox zoom…though I'm gonna have to changer that because it's too racey  :-(



    Yet, they allowed another WordPress theme on which shows just as much skin?! It's currently in the most popular section.

    Mojo Crew: What's the difference between a bikini and underwear? Please don't tell me it's the context the outfit is used in.

    @Robby, try using more subtle images perhaps?



    @weborithm, I since used different images and am still waiting for Mojo to review it.



    I uploaded it to Mojo two weeks ago, hopefully it will be reviewed (and accepted) soon..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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