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Live Demo with PSD uploads

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    Brady Nord
    Key Master

    Hey everyone, the first thing I want to discuss is having a live demo with your PSD item.  We completely understand that not everyone knows how to code a PSD into a workable demo or else you would sell the HTML version as well.   Despite this, we do require that you upload an image of the design to a URL and use that for a live demo.  


    This is absolutely crucial that there is a live demo for buyer confidence.

    If you know of any good solutions to providing a live demo please let us know.  



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    As someone who sells a few PSD’s on Mojo I’ve been thinking about this too and personally think it’s probably best to create a page that can be used for the ‘live preview’, this page would contain a slider with each PSD preview. Trouble is if you preview it the correct size there’s always the chance someone will just save it and recreate it so a watermark would be good.

    Still thinking this one over…


    I wouldn’t go with a slider for accessibility reasons. Just have like a row or a grid of large thumbnails.



    The best solution here is the Collab program – find someone that can code it for you and make more money by offering both the PSD and the HTML file ;)



    On second thoughts, seeing what the other guys have done here I think they have the best idea – for PSD live previews simply up a full sized image (in my case I made it as a HTML page and added a ‘no right click’ script, though not fool proof it offers a little protection…..index.html)

    With the live preview in place I then just resized images of each PSD so that they’d be useless to a scum-bag who would otherwise save the images and try to copy them in Photoshop. 




    I believe that when it comes to PSD live previews, the users should just link to high resolution images of their PSDs, with a Mojo watermark distributed across the previews. A nice gallery of a slideshow of what all of the PSDs come with is something that buyers want to see before purchasing that kind of an item.



    I think is bad idea that author need to worry about create any external website for “demo” of psd work. Screens should do the job.



    In my opinion there is absolutely no need for external live preview of an PSD template. I don't see a single reason why would anyone upload only PSD template if he/she has working html of the same site. Instead of live preview there should be only HQ screenshots provided for a slideshow as Ithi already said in upper post.



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    From now on I'll be watermarking my works so I don't have to worry so much about my live PSD previews. 



    sorry friends, How can I create a live demo page for PSD templates?



    Brady Nord
    Key Master

    @mdmengo, you can just upload an image to a server and use the link for the demo url.



    Hi, I am skill confused about the demo url  Is it needed to use an external url to show my pages?



    Brady Nord
    Key Master

    bbPress ANTISPAM: Spam IP: Yes, the demo should be on a url that people can see images/content.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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