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Need Pirated Item Reports ???

Forums General Need Pirated Item Reports ???

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    Dear Mojo ,

    I think Mojo need take a step for item  distributed illegally online .



    I don't think we should discuss piracy here, even if it is to combat it.

    @Boxtwobox – if you found a file being distributed online illegally contact the mojo support crew directly.



    I offered Copyright Enforcement Services to Mojo when they started up – finding and reporting warez copies of the works we all put our hearts and time into, naturally Mojo decided to deal with this themselves to save money. No doubt they act on all reported violations so contact them and I'm sure they'll happily help out.


    Whether it's a website theme, music, movie, whatever there will always some scumbag who will share it illegally, that's life.

    Why someone would even want a warez copy of a website template is beyond me, there'll be no support for one, probably missing vital files/fonts/PSD's and if they're willing to pay for hosting why can't they have respect and buy the template legally? 

    It's beyond me but I think it will always be there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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