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    I can not download a theme I bought the download does not start. Can you help me ?
    The download buttons took ages, and ended up with 504 gateway error.


    I have the same problem. I clicked on download button but it not started. How to fix this?


    Jolly Jacob

    I am having the same problem too. When I try to go to the Support page, it takes me the the mojomarketplace page where my mojo-themes login details don’t work. Very strange !!!! Is it not the same company?

    When I bought the theme I got the impression that 24/7 support would be provided. I have already spent an hour trying to download and in this day and age when technology is moving so fast, and things are happening in nano-seconds if this simple step is taking so long, I hate to think how long the actual set-up will take. It’s also a bit troubling that support is so hard to get. Am thinking of asking for a refund.


    I have the same problem as well and the automated responses from Zendesk are disturbingly the only response I am getting right now.



    Hi Guys,

    I have the same problem. How you have resolved?

    I have spent more than 3 hours trying to download but without success. There is not any response from the server. I tried to contact the support but till now I haven’t response.

    I think to report this page as fake and to request refund immediately if i will not receive response.


    Same problem. I’ve been trying to download the themes for days with no luck, and no one from Support has even cared to reply.


    I am having the same issue. Server not responding.


    I can not download theme, I bought and I don’t have.


    Global Casa

    Im having exactly the same problem! did anyone resolved this and if so how have you resolved?


    Jarrod Tayco

    Hi All,


    Download Issues. Please Check. Thanks


    Still having issues. Cannot download a theme I paid for yesterday. Still no response from support.


    Jolly Jacob

    Hey peeps,

    Has anyone got any resolution to the problem. It’s been 4 days now and no support from Mojo. I wish I could at least get a refund so that I can go to TF and buy another theme.



    Hi all,

    Try to contact the themes authors via the Support tab on the item page or send them a Private message. I’m sure they will send you the theme files.


    I’m also experiencing this problem… This issue seems to exist for 19 days now!

    I got no response from mojo itself… Has anyone else (successfully) contacted them?

    Best regards



    Hi Match Themes,

    I bought CafeHouse Restaurant WordPress theme this morning, and I cant download it. Can you send me the files then by email ?

    I’m Butterfly44, thank you : we are really in a hurry with this template.

    Thank you very much,


    + Do you know what’s going on with Mojo-themes and if we can always buy in this platform or not any more ?? Thank you for telling us what you say about this really strange fact !!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)

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