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    I have posted question about Betty theme what I bought to support team. No respond at all. Documentation is poor, doesn’t explain errors what I have with that theme. So fed up to waiting. I want my money back, becouse support is not able to respond within 5 days for my problem. Apparently does not respond to any requests of clients that bought the template! So give me back my money please!


    Key Master

    We hav enow replied via email for the purpose of sensitive information pertaining to your PayPal.

    -MOJO Support



    I bought also beta theme on February 13th. I had problems  installing it. I wrote first to the seller (which applied once: did you unzip the file?)

    And then to mojo. after trying all the suggestion without being able to have the theme installed I required a refund.

    Mojo answered for my username which i sent it three times, and since then no refund!!!

    I want my money back!


    Key Master

    Hi Althaia,

    Sorry for the delay! We have now refunded your purchase. Thank you for letting us know and being so patient. Good luck and happy developing!

    -MOJO Support



    hi there i would like a refund of the theme i brought please due to the fact that it was not as described


    Key Master

    Hi there,

    Can you please email our support staff and we can get you helped!


    -MOJO Support



    i purchased a theme, it would not upload, designer is not responding,
    mojo themes is not responding!
    this is a total farce!
    worst company ever!


    Key Master

    @yavuz Can you please contact our support team to help you with your issue?


    -MOJO Support


    Dear Sir,
    I just bought 

    Hard Knox Law Office -
    since live demo isnt working:
    … I did not know this theme wasnt a wordpress one.
    I have no idea how to handle other themes but wordpress ones.
    Please refund me.





    Hello I had emailed beginning of last week Tuesday Aug. 18th 2015 to have a refund for the KingPen theme I bought here on Mojo-themes. Having previously bought through Mojo-Themes I did not realize that the majority of support and business is now being done through the marketplace. Needless to say the theme, support, and additions I bought for 198.00 have been almost non existent. I need to change my theme and would like a refund to go in a different direction.
    Original Email:

    “Hello,I would like a refund for the KingPen 198.00 package WordPress theme as it was not as described. The theme vendor is not staying in touch with me via email and will go 5-7 days between emails. There is no tech support offered on the theme page for this product on It also did not come with install help, plugin help, additional site graphics etc. that the additional 150.00 extension described. This was not worth 200 dollars what so ever.
    I would like my money refunded to my credit card ASAP as I am forced to go in a new direction with my website. Thank you in advance.”

    I got a response from a Zach Smith at Mojo-Marketplace and he asked me for my account information and assigned me a refund ID: 61389 that’s all I have heard from him. I also called and was connected to Scott Cluff who was also very responsive, helpful and recommend a new theme. He told me that Mojo is moving away from using and said he would contact Zach to expedite the refund.

    I still have not heard back and would like a refund for a theme that doesn’t meet simple expectations, has no support and was not as stated for the additions spent.

    Thank you in advance.

    Jeremy Shultz,


    Just purchased cafehouse theme and although the money transaction went through easily, when I press ‘Download Item’ the files do not download. It just says “waiting for’ and this will go on and on. Nothign happens. I cleared cache and tried on different computers.

    Did I just get ripped off or what?



    @Patrick: It’s an issue from MojoThemes. Hope they’ll fix it as soon as possible. I’ve replied to your private message. Please check it out.



    I want a refund. Support is not good and i don’t have time for this.


    alex greben

    I’m also in need of a refund. I’ve been trying to work with the theme owner for days and new problems persist. Theme needs more development or updates. I have a business to run and just dont have time to deal with this anymore. How does one get support here.



    @alexworks: You can submit your problem to the Mojo support team via this site:

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)

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