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Slow sales, or is it just me?

Forums Item Feedback Slow sales, or is it just me?

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    Hey guys, I wonder if this forum post itself will get any response but here goes anyway…

    Has anyone been experience slow…to NIL…sales? Or, is it just me? Or, this marketplace? Any buyers care to leave a comment…what can we do to improve our items and to increase your trust in buying from us here.





    Hey Weborith!

    I’ve been on here since July and I’ve seen a steady stream of sales and this will most likely be my best month yet.

    I worked with the MOJO team and they gave me tips on how to dress up my live demo better. They were really helpful for me. Also, I think it depends on what category your items are in. I have a HTML template and the sales are much stronger with my WP theme.

    Also, I think every month there’s been an increase. I would take a look around at other items or get in touch with the MOJO team and ask for ways to improve your live demo or description.

    Hopefully that helps!

    - Bean Themes



    I don’t have an item up for sale just yet, hopefully soon, so I can’t speak on how things are selling here, but I personally wasn’t expecting gigantic numbers as this marketplace is still fairly young. Hopefully I can be like beantheme and get some steady sales, and as the marketplace grows, so will the sales.



    I only have PSD’s here as I prefer to design than code and have only sold once since…err…well, I joined not long after Mojo started. 

    I think there will be more sales when they figure out how to get more dev’s on board. 


    Brady Nord
    Key Master

    Hey guys, some of our categories are still moving slowly as it sounds like you know.  Trust me we are working hard to change this.  I do know a lot of WordPress themes that are selling really well though.  We have been putting a lot of our time into testing the site and making sure every page converts.  


    In addition, we are constantly restructuring out PPC campaigns to achieve the most successful return for everyone.  And lastly, week after week every one of our numbers have improved!  ( Sales, visitors, page views, etc. ) 


    We are growing and working hard to get this success into your pockets.  Thanks for working with us.    



    We kind of have the same feeling over here :/ 


    Sales are not huge, but we really hope that this marketplace will grow bigger and bring and maybe more buyers will come have a look :)


    btw i agree about an other post, asking the staff to not become Rejection Nazis ^^

    But and there is always one, does this mean that every theme/design must be added here ? 





    It just depends on the quality of your Items. Pay attention to details and to the overall look and “feel”. For me it works good.



    Like @Ruven said, pay attention to the quality and work done on your themes; the more work and quality, the more sales that you will generate. Also, the Mojo marketplace is still starting to become popular so if you give it time, I’m sure that you will soon start to receive sales on your items. Good luck with your sales!



    The way I see it is that us lot who joined Mojo while it’s young will be the old-wise-ones when it grows and starts to make some big money. We’ll have already earnt a reputation and have a few designs in the bag before the bandwagon gets rolling; we will be the designers who the buyers search first for.

    Nobody builds a good business over night so let’s all get our heads down, get some work done and watch those coins hit the table when Mojo kicks off. 




    I believe I joined here around May 2010, and have 3 items up for sale, 2 very new actually. I made my first sale around July. I believe the reason it’s going slow is that Mojo-Themes is still new if you look at the other Marketplaces like ThemeForest for example.

    Patience my friend, soon sales will come as a missle ;)

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