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    Hello – my submenus are not showing up when I hover over the main navigation menu.


    Brady Nord
    Key Master

    Hey Charlotte, can you give us some more information as to your issue. We need a url or something.




    Hi – sorry, I’m not very specific at all.  My URL is, and I’m using the Frisco theme.  I keep trying to figure out what I’m missing, a step or something.  I’ve lined up the sub menus under “Attractions” under Themes/Menus, but for they don’t show, nor can I click to the sub-menu page.



    Key Master

    What menu do you have set as your “Primary” in the drop down?


    Have you taken look at the themes documentation found in the theme package. They should have menus covered here:

    The help file looks great.




    Also, I noticed that when I click on the other menu options on the front end, that “Home” remains highlighted.  Maybe that’s part of the problem?


    Brady Nord
    Key Master

    Charlotte, so here is a guess from what I have been able to see from the outside. If you go to the header.css file and at the end of the file add the following code and save it.

    #nav .sub-menu:hover {
    display: block;

    Let me know if that doesn’t fix the nav issue.

    With regard to your second question, it is related. It looks like you have some plugins on the site that are breaking the theme. Before you do any of the changes above I would suggest deactivating all your plugins and see if that fixes first. If it does, try and figure out what plugin is breaking it.



    Hi Brady – thanks for the tip – you’re right about the plug-ins. Once I disabled the plug-ins, the drop down menu appeared.  Not sure which plug-in, but it was one that I wasn’t using.

    But the menu nav item still remains highlighted until the next menu item is selected.  It’s not interfering with the menu nav, just annoying.  I tried adding the code to the end of the header .css file, but I couldn’t seem to add it in correctly.  The code would appear on the front-end.  Any additional suggestions would be great.

    I appreciate the plug-in removal advice – that worked!  Thanks!



    Brady Nord
    Key Master

    Charlotte, glad I could be of help. Looks like the theme was designed to work like that. To change that you are going to have to edit some of your stylesheets.

    Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.



    Hi Brady, we have the same problem. The dropdown don’t work at the main page. But works if you are on a sub-page.

    I doublechecked all plugins. Without solution.

    I read that hint with the header.css, but where i can find it? Found only a “headers.css” via FTP.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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