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    Hi Guys

    Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated:

    EZ Commerce



    nice start but my friend I have small tips that could you help you

    1) improve the typography in header make links more bigger and try to increase the size of submenu links .. there are too small.

    2) remove readmore when hover over the icon boxes it’s not good .

    3) make the font more bigger …

    4) make the slider have the full width ..


    5) make some adjustment on design and upload it good luck






    Yes, I have feedback. It’s an excellent theme. One of the best new themes on Mojo themes, actually.  One thing I agree with the comment above, the slider must be full width. This is a big missing piece.

    Other than that I think it is excellent.

    Question: Would it be simple to remove the shopping cart at the top of the site? I love the design but I do not need this design for ecommerce, actually. So, how easy would it be to remove the cart and the store products?

    Thank you.








    Thanks for the kind words :)

    If you dont have woocommerce installed the cart in the header disappears, the theme is independent from woocommerce, so it works with out it, but once you activate it, you get the ecommerce functions + the custom woocommerce widgets that comes with the theme .

    Im working on adding the fullwidth slider and will have that hopefully up soon.





    I updated the theme, so now it has a full width slider area. Also I added revolutions slider as one of the sliders that is bundled with the theme.





    Hey Everyone,

    Can anyone please gimme feedback for my theme? I am new to Mojo-Themes!

    Here are the templates:

    Metro Page Template

    PORTIO – Responsive Portfolio Template

    Bootstrap Responsive Portfolio Template

    Thanks in advance,




Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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