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What happened to quality?

Forums General What happened to quality?

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    I was checking out the latest WordPress themes today and came across this:…..ess-theme/


    With all do respected, I could have created a “theme” like this in no more than 30 minutes.


    I don’t think I have to name out the exact issues with this theme, but I am truly surprised at how something so lame was accepted.


    Maybe if it was priced at $5 instead of $30…Personally I would take it as an insult if I was the author of lets say this theme:…..ess-theme/ . Which is not only cheaper but of MUCH higher quality.


    @Mojo Themes – isn’t quality more important than quantity?


    ps: I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I am just very confused at what’s going oh here. Maybe there are all kinds of awesome features hidden that I couldn’t find that the author didn’t explain in the description?


    JR Farr
    Key Master

    @WPexplorer – Thanks for the feedback and your thoughts about this. Hopefully you understand it’s a tough job.

    Also, the seller of that item you referred does offer quality work and even though you may not like the design doesn’t mean others won’t.

    Bottom line is, design is so subjective. We try to review themes by taking a few things into consideration from design, functionality and even documentation.

    We agree, it’s definitely quality over quanity and it’s our primary goal to ensure that is what you see throughout the marketplace. Trust me we reject way more than we accept.

    Again, thanks for the feedback, we know you’ve been through every theme out there so it’s definitely helpful to hear from you.




    I’m not sure it’s a matter of whether I like it or not. This theme is HIGHLY overpriced…

    This is worth $35: *Link Removed

    And Themeforest is definately your strongest competitor – providing themes with virtually 0 “Premium” features (besides a cool background and a nivoslider – which isn’t even customized – it’s got all the default CSS) won’t really help Mojo Themes stand out.


    *Just to be clear, I wasn’t referring to design (the design is nice – good color scheme and layout) I was talking about overal features and simply a lack of effort. A premium theme shouldn’t take 30minutes-1hour to create.



    I actually kind of liked this theme. I noticed it didn’t have any dropdowns, which is kind of a bummer (I would definitely add them, or if they are there, make sure you can see them in the demo), but as far as design, I thought it was quite nice.

    I think the problem here isn’t necessarily that the theme isn’t up to par, but could be that the demo isn’t showcasing the features very well.

    For instance, it would be nice to have the “blog” layout accessable from the main navigation and maybe dress up that porfolio page a little bit, so I have a better idea of how things will look there.

    I don’t think it’s a bad theme unworthy of mojo, the demo could just use a little dressing up I think, because I do have to agree that it is a little surprising that this theme costs more than Orion, based purely on what I’m seeing in the demos.




    i kind of agree with OP, but we should also consider that we are on a growing marketplace, and sometime you have to make concession for the well being of everyone :)



    I don’t see anything wrong with Enhance, I think it looks nice and people will be interested in it.


    Sure it could use a little more features but who is to say that it should be rejected because of that.


    I personally hope mojo themes review process does not mimic themeforest’s and is a little more forgiving with theme authors.


    What I would do in this case is just encourage authors to keep updating and supporting their themes and they will eventually get better over time.



    I do have to agree with @wpexplorer, it is a simple theme that is extremely easy to make in Photoshop/CSS however, it all depends on what the buyer is looking for. Some buyers may like this theme more than others and some may think it’s just way too simple.

    When I consider a theme as a premium theme, it must have a nice design, customizable and a nice control panel so that buyers can easily swap themes and settings. I get where you’re going with this, @wpexplorer and I have to say that I agree, it’s not really worth the price that it’s listed at.



    That is my point exactly – if someone wanted something so simple they would just use a free theme.


    JR Farr
    Key Master

    Thanks everyone for the great feedback. We’ll re-visit this as a team.



    @JR Farr Alright, keep us posted :)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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