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Your Seller doesn´t know about his product.

Forums Seller Tips Your Seller doesn´t know about his product.


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    Ok, I bought yesterday one theme for wordpress in this web. This theme is not working now because has a problem in it StyleSheet css. I was reading a lot of blogs about, all the documentation about how to solve the problem but this one does´t work anyway. I was asking to the designer and he told me that ” He is simple designed and he does´t know the solution”

    Is this the correct answer for one person that expend his money in your market? If you sell something and this item has a problem, support has to repair or explain how to repair the problem. I don´t understand wherte is the real support in this web. I can not believe it!


    It´ s fantastic to have item in your web that doesn´t work. I bought a theme for wordpress that it is not complete!! I can not install. It seller, mixed, doesn´t know how to use. I feel like that this web is a fraud. Nobody answer me and I expend my money baddly.



    Send message to mojo supporter to block his item.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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