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GPL Changes

IMPORTANT UPDATE: There will be upcoming changes to our current WordPress theme licensing. Please carefully read below to understand these changes.

We’re emailing you today about some important upcoming changes to our WordPress theme and plug-in licensing terms. We have been given the opportunity to gain some huge support and exposure from WordPress and we are very excited to share it with you. Please read all the way to the bottom of this email as it requires specific action from you in order to continue to sell your WordPress themes and plug-ins on MOJO marketplaces.

MOJO’s Future

We’re now in year 3 of the MOJO being live. As we look towards the future of MOJO we’re excited about where we’re headed. Our success and our sellers’ success comes in part from WordPress themes and plugins. Today, our licensing terms for WordPress themes and plugins do not match WordPress’ preferred terms.  As a result, we can’t sponsor or speak at WordCamps — and the same now goes for our sellers.  We feel it’s time for a change.

Better WordPress Community Support

Over the past few months we have been fortunate enough to have discussions with Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, about strengthening MOJO’ role in the WordPress community. Specifically, by switching our WordPress theme and plug-in license terms to GPL, we will make a strong symbolic statement in support of the WordPress open source model. As a result, MOJO will receive preferred placement on the homepage of as a go-to marketplace for buying and selling WordPress themes. In addition, MOJO will have the ability to speak at and sponsor WordCamps. These changes will raise the profile and visibility of MOJO to the benefit of all of our sellers.

So wait, what is the change and when is it happening?

On April 1, 2013 (the “Change Date”), we will be changing from the “split license” terms included in the current MOJO Themes License to a “GPL-only” license for all WordPress themes and plug-ins. Once this change takes effect, all WordPress themes and plug-ins sold on any MOJO marketplace must be licensed solely pursuant to GPL license terms.* No other license terms will be permitted for WordPress themes and plug-ins, although non-WordPress products may still be offered under non-GPL terms..

Please note that we will continue to offer different support tiers for WordPress themes and plug-ins in order to ensure that our sellers continue to be compensated for the support they provide.

What do I need to do?

Consistent with this change, we have modified the MOJO Terms of Use and MOJO Theme License (collectively, the “New Terms”).

Please review the New Terms and GPL licenses and then login to your account to “Accept” the New Terms for each of your items.

By clicking “Accept,” you agree to all the New Terms and to the licensing for each of your current and any future WordPress themes and plug-ins offered on any MOJO marketplace solely pursuant to the terms of GPL version 2.0 or later, even if those themes and plug-ins were previously made available under different license terms.

Please click the button below to accept the terms for your items:

Accept Item Terms

Please note that if you do not accept the New Terms by the Change Date we will suspend the ability of end users to download your products on all MOJO marketplaces until you accept the New Terms. Of course you are always free to remove your products from MOJO marketplaces if you prefer not to offer them under the New Terms, but we hope you will agree that the New Terms are good for all of us.

For further information regarding this topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.


J.R. Farr & Brady Nord

Founders of MOJO