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Jump Box Corporate

Jump Box Corporate is a premium Ajax based animated website template. This template is perfect to use for small websites. The main advantage of this template is that it uses only one page. Other pages are loading “on the fly” due to the use of Ajax

Ajax Features

JBC is the totally Ajax based template. But as you probably know Ajax have some of disadvantages such as SEO compatibility and problems with page bookmarking, not working browser navigation buttons, etc. But JBC uses very smart Ajax which is comes without mentioned above problems!

SEO Friendly Ajax

JBC powered with SEO Friendly Ajax engine due to the use of special inner linking. So all your pages will be indexed by Search Engines (except popups)! JBC also comes with special SEO script, which allows you to specify title, meta keywords and meta description for all of your pages!

User Friendly Ajax

As you know in the Ajax websites browser’s URL do not changing after you load some page, so when you click on the “Refresh” browser’s button you will back to the firs page (mostly at home page), the same thing with browser’s “Back” button, or you can not share with a link to the new page. All these is not good for your users, but JBC has not these disadvantages due to the use of special redirect scripts and couple of secrets

Fool Protection

What will happen if your visitor will click on some link while animation process between pages is not finished, or what will happen if he click on the link to the page which is currently “active”? Nothing! JBC comes with “Fool Protection”:

  • On the time of page animation all Ajax links will be disabled! So if your visitor will click some inner “Ajax” link, nothing will happen!
  • If you have links on the page which are links to this “active” page, they will be automatically disabled! Such kind of links usually can be founded in sidebar and footer modules.

Disabled Java Script?

Don’t worry JBC is ready for visitors with disabled Java Scripts! All pages and all content will be still accessible but without animation. Even submenus will work fine!

Do not like Ajax and Animation?

No problems, you can disable all Ajax by changing one variable in template’s configuration file

Template Configuration

JBC comes with very flexible configuration file. It allows you easily to

  • change animation duration for page transitions
  • set duration for popup windows
  • configure Google Web Fonts
  • configure Google Maps
  • configure Twitter Feed
  • change type of Submenu – “Airy” or “Slide”, on top or on bottom
  • enable/disable PNG Fix for IE6 browser
  • set your Google Analytics site ID
  • configure Chop Slider
  • etc…

Browser Compatibility

jBox.Corporate compatible with all Major browsers, even with Internet Explorer 6. Because JBC is a very smart template, it uses automatically degradation for animation and effects based on browser (and its features) detection! How does it works:

  • Because the IE6 and IE7 browsers do not support some of important CSS properties, the JBC will wrap some element with additional code and fix styles for other elements automatically so they will look like they should! JBC also has special stylesheets for Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7 browsers

  • If you visit this site with browser which do not support CSS3 transitions, then the JBC will change CSS3 effects (such as Chop Slider transitions, Magic Popups, Airy Submenus, etc) to match and look fine in old browsers

  • If you visit this site with mobile device (like iPhone, Android, iPad, etc…), JBC will detect this and will use much stronger degradation, especially for CSS3 effects to make the animation works fine on slow mobile devices!

  • JBC has special stylesheet for visitors with disabled Java Script, so all your pages will be still accessible!

Different Pages Transitions

JBC comes with four different transitions (animations) between pages – “Collapse-Slide-Expand”, “Black Disk”, “Broken Screen” and “Zoom Frame”.

Hover Effects

JBC comes with awesome wrapper for your links with images for great hover effects. This wrapper do everything for you, it will automatically add all necessary code inside of the link depending on kind of this link

jQuery Chop Slider

JBC comes with amazing jQuery Chop Slider, which is uses full power of CSS3 animation and provides compatibility for old browsers and for mobile devices. It also has a couple of great animation effects which are widely used in JBC.

Amazing Popups

JBC comes with really impressive popup engine, it allows you to call popup windows with HTML content (with Ajax) or with Image inside. There are two types of popups: “Rotate Popup” and “Magic Popup”

“Airy” Submenus

There are two types of available submenus : “Airy” (which is enabled by default like the current ones) and simple “Slide Down”. If your browser do not support CSS3 then the Airy submenu will be automatically switched to Slide Down submenu. Besides, by default the submenu is on top of “parent link”, and if you do not like it and want to use ordinary submenu on the bottom of “parent link”, there is an option in configuration file that you will need to change.

Ajax Contact Form

JBC has ready to use page with Ajax based Contact form with validation and easy to configure Google Maps. Contact information is formatted with hCard microformat which is so loved by search engines!

Google Web Fonts

JBC is ready to use with Google Web Fonts. If you want to use Google Web Fonts you will need to change two variables in the template configuration file. All you will need is to enable (enabled by default!) “use Google Fonts” option and enter the font name you want to use! That is done, and JBC will automatically insert all necessary scripts for the Google font you’ve choose (due to the usage of Web Fonts API)!

Common Features

  • Powered with jQuery
  • 100% unique solution
  • Smart, SEO Friendly, User Friendly Ajax engine
  • Comes with amazing jQuery Chop Slider and its new animation methods
  • Has three different page transitions (animation)
  • Ajax Contact Form with validation and Google Maps, contact information is formatted with hCard microformat
  • Google Web Fonts (with Web Fonts API)
  • Flexible content layout
  • Two types of Submenus: “Airy” or ordinary “Slide Down”
  • Ready to use Typography
  • Easy to configure Twitter Feed
  • Flexible template configuration
  • Amazing animation without Flash
  • Easy to use Popup Engine. It allows you to call popup windows (with a required size) with any HTML content inside or with images
  • Great browser compatibility (works in IE6 and higher)
  • Comes with ready to use pages: Blog page, Blog post, Full width article, Article with sidebar, Contacts with Google Maps, Testimonials, 6 Portfolio layouts
  • Validates with HTML 5
  • 100% table-less CSS
  • Easy to redesign, has very simple, smart and clear API

With this template you’ll also get full PDF documentation and layered PSD files.

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