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Rustik – Minimalist WooCommerce Theme

Rustik 3.0

2015-10-08: Version 3.4.1 (Updated and tested with WooCommerce 2.4.7)

The all time best selling e-commerce theme on Mojo-Themes is back with Rustik 3.0! We’ve listened to all your requests and wrote 3.0 from the ground up to accommodate the features you need to run a successful e-commerce business in 2014.

Rustik is a beautiful minimalist WooCommerce theme that makes your product the center of attention. But don’t be fooled by the beautiful exterior, behind it sits a brand new options panel loaded with 160+ options that let you customize every details of your sites look.





  • Beautiful minimalist design.
  • 100% Responsive design – beautiful on any device.
  • Retina ready – Super crisp on high resolution screens.
  • Two pre-made color schemes, Light or Dark.
  • 17 flexible widget areas.
  • 40+ languages available for your store (Click here to see the list).
  • Easy to translate if your language is not available.
  • Soliloquy slider with multiple transitions, annotations, links etc.
  • MailChimp and AWeber Newsletter.
  • 5 minute setup.
  • Seamless WooCommerce integration.
  • Custom Sidebars.
  • Easy to customize the look from the admin panel.
  • Filter products based on anything such as color, size etc.
  • Easy menu management with WordPress menus.
  • Drop-down menus.
  • Powerful admin panel.
    • Logo upload.
    • 600+ Google Fonts applied site-wide or for individual elements.
    • Change the style, size, or color of any text on the site.
    • Custom link styling.
    • Static homepage image if you don’t want to use a slider.
    • Custom Sidebars.
    • Add links to up to10 different social networks.
    • Custom Social Network icons.
    • 1-4 Footer Widget Areas.
    • 1-4 Homepage Widget Areas.
    • Custom background image or color.
    • Enable/Disable Shop features to use the theme as a non e-commerce site.
    • Add My Account link to header.
    • Enable/Disble Sort Products By Price, Name dropdown.
    • And many many more.
  • Logo PSD included.
  • Works in any browser.
  • Step by step video guides from install to a working store.
  • Easy to understand documentation.
  • No previous experience needed to setup theme.
  • Free Support for life!
  • Always up to date with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce version.
  • Fully compatible with WooCommerce 2.4.X and WordPress 4.4.X.

Customer Testimonials:

“This theme is amazing! It just works!” -estder

“I’ve just purchased your theme and I’m very happy with it.” – nalwor

“Excellent theme.” – benella

“You are awesome! Thank you so much!” – jenniferlaber

“Great theme you’ve got.” – ladybug

“I love your theme!” – jenniferlaber

“Hi I loved this theme the minute I saw it” – kosygirl

“Thanks for the quick response. The custom css code worked! I having fun learning WordPress. Thanks for the help, I will definitely recommend your work to others!” – madrhino

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  • Common questions, problems and solutions
    Please see
  • Version: 3.3.1
    Rustik WordPress + WooCommerce Theme change log: 3.3.1 2015-06-02 -Fixed icon styling problem with "Cart updated" "Coupon Applied" and other message boxes. -Added more logo margin left option for easier customisation. -Various design tweaks to keep the Rustik look consistent with WooCommerce 2.3 3.3 2015-05-13 -Fixed bug where cart totals would show up twice. -XSS Vulnerability fix. -Shop page bug fix where product description would show on shop page. -Quantity +- Buttons fixed. -Various bug fixes to child theme. -Mobile menu fix. -Variable product dropdown fixed. -Updated translation strings. -WooCommerce core file update to 2.3.8 3.2 2015-02-18 -Updated for WooCommerce 2.3 3.13 2015-01-15 -New styling for Sold Out badges. 3.12 2014-11-27 -Added full width shop page option in Rustik->Settings->Shop. 3.11 2014-10-21 -Added Sale sticker option. -Added My Account link to menu on mobile site. 3.10 2014-08-10 -Added a child theme. -Fixed bullet point padding. -Fixed drop down colours with dark Style active on checkout. 3.09 2014-07-20 -Added option to General Settings to disable mobile site. -Fixed image alignment bug on mobile site. 3.08 2014-07-10 -Fixed Google Webfonts Bug. All Google fonts should now work flawlessly. -Fixed a small alignment bug with gallery images. -Pinterest bug fixed. -Added option to style Visited links in theme options. -Improved image alignment options for pages and posts. -Updated core files. -WP Read more tag now works as expected. 3.07 2014-05-12 -Fixed a small margin bug on the blog page. 3.06 2014-05-11 -Increased thumbnail size Cart Page. -Fixed blog page bug where sidebar was located on top of blog content. 3.05 2014-04-24 -Fixed alignment issue with menu on mobile site. -Fixed grid issue on shop page with long product titles. 3.04 2014-04-08 -Updated Soliloquy slider to V 2. -Current product category displayed in bold. -Fixed alignment issues with text/images on pages. 3.03 2014-03-22 -Tweaked classic button style. -Fixed Remember Me checkbox on checkout page. -Various other small CSS tweaks. 3.02 2014-03-04 -Added classic button Style, enable in Rustik->General settings. -Added a X button to cart page to remove items from cart. -Fixed missing radio buttons and checkboxes on checkout page. -Fixed placeholder image size. -Fixed bug where the Soliloquy plugin couldn't be disabled when Rustik 3 was active. -Fixed bug with province box on checkout where part of the drop down would be hidden behind other elements. 3.01 2014-02-27 -Fixed attribute filtering issues. Use the WooCommerce Layered Nav widget instead of the WooCommerce Attribute filtering widget previously used in Rustik 2. -Small backend updates. 3.0 2014-02-19 -Responsive! -Rewritten with new options panel. -17 widget areas. 2.9.1 2014-01-22 -Updated styling of select boxes. 2.9 2013-11-22 -Fixed TGM errors. 2013-11-01 -Fixed the quantity input box width bug. 2013-10-05 -Re-added the missing Twitter icon. 2013-08-16 -Fixed a payment gateway bug. 2013-07-18 -Fixed a bug with WooCommerce subscriptions. -Small CSS tweaks to make customisation easier. 2013-07-04 -Fixed radio button shipping selection bug and added Quantity label for simple products. 2013-07-04 -Added support for multi level drop down menus. 2013-06-21 -Fixed a bug when a static page was selected as home page. 2013-06-07 -New minimal social network icons. 2013-05-28 -Tweaked quantity selection box. 2.8.9 2013-05-16 -Added updated demo data. 2.8.8 2013-05-15 -Fixed product gallery bug. 2.8.7 2013-05-10 -Added more social network icon options. 2.8.6 2013-05-06 -Fixed state drop down menu permanently. 2.8.5 2013-05-02 -Fixed checkout issue. 2.8.4 2013-04-26 -Fixed Google Maps issue. 2.8.3 2013-04-22 -Fixed state drop down bug where part of the drop down was covered. 2.8.2 2013-04-16 -Fixed search page #2 bug. 2.8.1 2013-04-15 -Made improvements to attribute filtering. 2.8 2013-04-12 -Added missing up-sells hook. -Tweaked Nivo Slider to not cut the bottom of the slides. -Added PrettyPhoto gallery support. All thumbnails are not accessible in the lightbox. 2.7.9 2013-04-08 -Updated documentation. 2.7.8 2013-04-08 -Updated and fixed bugs with Nivo slider. 2.7.7 2013-04-05 -Fixed WooCommerce 2 activation bug. 2.7.6 2013-04-01 -Fixed attribute filtering widget with WooCommerce 2 -Style tweaks to My Account and Checkout pages. 2.7.5 2013-03-26 -Changing the height of the slider now works smoothly. 2.7.4 2013-03-25 -Fixed the dark.css background issue. -Fixed various small bugs on checkout and my account pages. 2.7.3 2013-03-15 More WooCommerce 2 bug fixes. -Fixed "Sort by" permanently. -Shipping radio button style fix. -My account page font fix. 2.7.2 2013-03-11 Various bug fixes associated with WooCommerce 2 including: -Shipping dropdown bug. -PrettyPhoto Lightbox Next/Prev button bug. -Distorted product images when below 260px width. -"Sort by" dropdown setting fixed. -Font settings bug fixed. -Minor style changes to single product page. 2.7.1 2013-03-06 -Fixed translation bug for "Cart" "Checkout" "Logout" and "Search" strings. -Several CSS style tweaks. 2.7 2013-03-05 -Updated for WooCommerce 2.0. 2.6.4 2013-03-01 -Fixed a small CSS bug in Chrome 25 for the dark stylesheet. 2.6.3 2013-02-28 -Fixed bug with font settings. -Change styling of Search box text. 2.6.2 2013-02-26 -Fixed enhanced country selection box bug. -Fixed bg image + bg color conflict. -Tweaks to checkout CSS for WooCommerce 1.6.6. 2.6.1 2013-02-22 -Updated with new demo data file. 2.6 2012-11-27 -New blog page template! Use the Blog-Everything template to display the whole post including images. 2.5.4 2012-10-29 -Added arrow support to the slider. CSS tweak for left/right align images. 2.5.3 2012-10-25 -Fixed the "Please choose variation" bug. 2.5.2 13/10-2012 -Cleaned up code and fixed a tweaked styling slightly. 2.5.1 29/08-2012 -Three CSS tweaks. Fixed drop down select height. 2.5 29/08-2012 -Now comes with an install script for WooCommerce and Nivo. Makes install much easier and faster. -Added option to show/hide "Sort Alphabetically, By Price etc." drop down on shop pages. -20+ CSS tweaks. -New drop down menus. 2.1.1 14/08-2012 Fixed a glitch with the products grids in WooCommerce 1.6.3. Only updated file is rustik/woocommerce/loop-shop.php. 2.1 29/06-2012 Updated sidebars so that dynamic sidebars now work with the attribute filtering sidebar. Small tweaks made to admin interface. 2.0.1 21/06-2012 Fixed slider link issue. 2.0 08/05-2012 Update safe. WooCommerce updates does not affect theme. Rewritten and improved code. New documentation. Small bug fixes. 1.1.1 08/03-2012 Updated for WooCommerce 1.5.1 Fixed bug where logo would not appear when using dark stylesheet. Minor updates to documentation. 1.1 03/03-2012 Updated for WooCommerce 1.5. Small layout bugfixes. Added a drop down to sort products. Updated documentation. 1.0.1 02/02-2012 Added support for threaded comments. Initial release 1.0 - 04/01-2012
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