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Speedy Multipurpose – Page Builder WordPress Theme

Powerful Page Builder

Speedy Theme has rich options and settings to control all aspects of it — from its Styles and Skins to its Sliders — and it’s fully extended with a unique and powerful Page Builder.

Powerful Unique Page Builder with huge and very advance numbers of Shortcodes including +30 different styles of posts modules.

Speedy Theme is meant on both users with no programming background as well as advanced developers.

It will let you build and make your site in no time, with negligible attempt.This theme features a powerful admin panel on the WordPress backend that has the flexibility to let you use this theme for corporate websites, blogs, portfolios, magazine sites and more.Using this theme adjust general settings such as color schemes; upload custom logo images and much more. You also choose any fonts from unlimited fonts, including Google Font Directory and Cufon fonts.Manage your titles, keywords and description meta tags, as well as canonical URLs for your homepage, posts, pages and categories.You can completely change the look and fill of your site in seconds.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO has been made a high priority when developing the GAM Framework theme. In the code hierarchy, the main content block is placed before the sidebar regardless of the sidebar position, so it is crawled first by search engines.Another very powerful SEO feature has been implemented regarding Heading (h1, h2,…) tags in the Home page the ‘h1’ tag is assigned to the site name and the rest of pages/posts/archives/blog section etc., the main page title has been assigned an ‘h1’ tag.

Responsive & Mobile Ready!!!

Speedy theme is fully responsive hence it perfectly fit to any screen and your desktop monitors, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, iPads, or any other devices.Our theme is optimized in a best way and hence it loads everything very quickly on any devices.

Key Features

  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • SEO Optimized
  • Dynamic Layout
  • Fully Responsive
  • ShortCodes
  • Advance Admin Panel
  • Social Media
  • Retina Ready Images
  • Featured post Slider
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Sprite Images – Fast Loading
  • All Browsers Compatibility
  • Customizable Design
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Google Maps
  • Hook Manager
  • Sass & Less CSS
  • Dynamic Widgets
  • Contacts Page Template
  • Localization Ready
  • Unlimited Banner + Slider
  • Advance Navigation
  • Google Fonts
  • Theme Design Settings
  • 15+ Advanced Widgets
  • Theme Import- Export Feature
  • 1- Click Install
  • Solid & Clean Code
  • Page Templates
  • WordPress Compatibility
  • Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • 30+ Shortcodes


We have also included following javascript in our package.

  • Bootstrap framework (bootstrap.js)
  • Images loaded (imagesloaded.js)
  • Class helper functions(classie.js)
  • Contact Us Validation (contact_me.js)
  • Carousel Slider (jcarousel.basic.js)
  • BootstrapValidation (jqBootstrapValidation.js)
  • Box Slider(jquery.bxslider.min.js)
  • jQuery Cycle Plugin(jquery.cycle.all.js)
  • Home Page slider (jquery.flexslider.js)
  • Fancybox(jquery.fancybox.js)
  • Gam Framwork Custom (custom.js)
  • jQuery Nivo Slider(jquery.nivo.slider.js)
  • jQuery Validation(jquery.validate.js)
  • Jssor Slider(jssor.slider.js)
  • Masonry layout(masonry.pkgd.min.js)
  • Animation on Scroll(AnimOnScroll.js)
  • IE Html5 Support (html5.js)

Sources & Credits

We’ve used the following images, icons, fonts or other files as listed.


Documentation & Support

The theme comes with fully well documentation. Free support is offered through an external forum.

Should you have any support related questions please post them to the theme’s support forum. 

You can subscribe to the Support Forum.

Support for the “Speedy” theme includes:

  • Responding to questions or problems regarding the theme and its features.
  • Fixing bugs and reported issues.
  • Providing updates to ensure compatibility with latest WordPress and other required softwares.


Change Log

Version 3.3 - Updated: 26.2.2015

- Added: Following new pages in Header menu.
- Centered Navigation.
- Centered Navigation Dark.
- Boxed Layout.
- Header Version 1.
- Header Version 2.
- Header Version 3.

- Added: Following new pages in Home menu.
- Homepage Extended.
- Homepage Portfolio.

Version 3.2 - Updated: 10.2.2015

- Added: Following new pages in Blog menu.
- Blog Standard no sidebar
- Blog Mansory
- Single Blog Item
- Blog Fullwidth
- Blog Grid Sidebar
- Youtube Blog Post

Version 3.1 - Updated: 05.2.2015

- Added: Following new pages in Pages menu.
- Landing page.
- Maintenance page.
- Dual sidebar page.
- Coming Soon page.
- Coming Soon Two page.

- Added: Following new pages in Portfolio menu.
- Project Extended.
- Project Extended 2.
- Project Basic With Sidebar.
- Project Basic.
- Fullwidth Grid.
- Filterable Portfolio 1 Column.
- Fullwidth Filterable Portfolio.
- Gallery Fullwidth Grid Portfolio.
- Portfolio Left sidebar.
- Portfolio Right sidebar.
- Featured Video.
- Gallery Showcase.
- Featured Image.
- Project Fullwidth.
- Portfolio Category.

Version 3.0 - Updated: 29.1.2015

- Added: Create following new pages in Pages menu.
- About.
- About Me.
- About Me Second.
- Meet The Team.
- Default Page - Full Width.
- Default Page - Left Sidebar.
- Default Page - Right Sidebar.
- Testimonials.
- FAQ / Support Center.
- Service Page.
- Job / Careers.
- Pricing Page.
- Product Launch.
- 404 Page not Found.
- Sidebar Navigation.
- Blank Page.
- Team members - Left Sidebar.
- Team members - Right Sidebar.

- Added: Following new pages in Module menu.
- Media Embed.
- Animation & Featured elements.
- Accordion & Toggles.
- Call out & Content Boxes.
- FAQ Module.
- Full width Portfolio.
- Image Banner.
- Image Teaser.
- Separators / Dividers.
- Slider.
- Title.
- Typography.
- Circle Charts.
- Tabs & Tours.

Version 2.10 - Updated: 23.1.2015

- Added: New page content in Homepage.
- Added: Sidebar style selection functionality in client side.
- Added: Home - Boxed page template for Home Boxed page.
- Added:  New pages in Home menu.

Version 2.9 - Updated: 19.1.2015

- Added: “Go To Shop” button in top header part view cart pop up.
- Added: Login pop up box in top header part.
- Added: Multiple language pop up box in top header part.
- Added: New features pages in features menu.  
- Added: Boxed and Wide body width features functionality. 
- Added: New features pages in features menu.
Version 2.8 - Updated: 12.1.2015

- Fixed: Checkout page forgot password link alignment.
- Fixed: Product By SKU/ID page line overlapping issues.
- Fixed: Admin side page loading issues.
- Fixed: Checkout page responsive issues.  
- Fixed: Our team page responsive issues.
- Fixed: Counter circle responsive issues.
- Fixed: Shop Checkout page issues.
- Fixed: Admin side "Options could not be saved" message display issues.

Version 2.7 -  Updated: 9.1.2015

-Fixed: Make different style builder in page-builder page.

-Fixed: Safari browser slider image not display.

-Fixed: Correct button alignments.

-Fixed: Portfolio one column style issues.

-Update: All module page page content header part title and it’s background.

-Update: Add image slider in audio module page.

Version 2.6 –  Updated: 29.12.2014  

-Fixed: Make different style builder in page-builder page.

-Fixed: Safari browser slider image not display.

-Fixed: Correct button alignments.

-Fixed: Lost password page responsive issues.

-Fixed: Apply first letter capital of all navigation menu.

-Fixed: Navigation sub-menu  responsive.

-Fixed: Add bootstrap icon to particular sub-menu name in Module menu.

-Fixed: Header part shoping cart responsive.

-Fixed: Shopping page related product responsive.

-Fixed: Correct the lost password text box alignment and it’s responsive.

-Fixed: Footer part social icon responsive.

-Fixed: Gallery slider image next and previous button working issues.

-Fixed: When click next and previous button then display space in image bottom part in Portfolio Module page slider part. 

(Browser Name:  Opera,Safari ,Chrome )

-Fixed: Home company page in slider image theme logo not display in center part.

-Add: Tabs module functionality for speedy theme.

-Add: Accordions module functionality for speedy theme.

-Add: Social Media Follows module functionality for speedy theme.

-Add: Pricing Table module functionality for speedy theme.

-Add: Slider module functionality for speedy theme.

-Add: Team Member module functionality for speedy theme.

-Add: SubScribe module functionality for speedy theme.

-Fixed: Working of widget module functionality for speedy theme.

-Fixed: Image Upload problem in admin side for module.

-Fixed: Return back to shop page 

-Fixed: Confirmation message solved.

-Fixed: Forget password link responsive problem.

-Fixed: Sidebar problem in portfolio module.

-Fixed: Filterable portfolio design problem.

-Fixed: Replacing background image with background color.

-Fixed: Changed title of widget menu is Modules menu.

-Fixed: Pagination in portfolio .

Version 2.5 –  Updated: 10.11.2014  

-Fixed: Home page Image Overlapping.

-Fixed: Display contact form wrong captcha message in red color.

-Fixed: Remove dotted line in slider button click.

-Fixed: Remove dotted line in product review rating start click.

-Fixed: Display woocommerce successful message in green color.

-Fixed: Correct the woocommerce message button alignment.

-Fixed: Apply button style in woocommerce product review form button.

-Fixed: Apply social icon link in about us page social icon button.

-Fixed: Make perfect alignments of woocommerce product review form text box.

-Fixed: Header part woocommerce View cart and Check out button responsive.

-Fixed: Display product quantity value in center part.

-Fixed: Top navigation header page table responsive.

-Fixed: Product cart responsive.

-Fixed: Shop page responsive.

-Fixed: Homepage responsive.

Version 2.4 –  Updated: 20.09.2014

-Fixed: Single sidebar heading title.

-Fixed: Image responsive in portfolio.

-Fixed:  Single product social media issue.

Version 2.3 –  Updated: 15.09.2014

-Fixed:  Shop page bugs.

-Fixed:  social media icon issue. 

Version 2.2 –  Updated: 4.09.2014

-Fixed:  Slider navigation issue.

-Fixed:  Shop page Slider issue. 

Version 2.1 – Updated: 30.08.2014 

-Fixed:  Audio Player module issue.

-Fixed:  Social media icon hover effect issue.

Version 2.0 – Updated: 20.08.2014

-Fixed:  Filter Widget issue.

-Fixed:  Special price issue in shop page. 

Version 1.9 – Updated: 17.08.2014

-Fixed:  Product Carousel issue.

-Fixed:  Filterable portfolio hover effect issue.

Version 1.8 – Updated: 20.07.2014

-Fixed:  Menu over issue.

-Fixed:  Content effect issue.

-Fixed:  Scrolling effect issue.

Version 1.7 – Updated: 07.07.2014

-Fixed:  Shop page cart issue.

-Fixed:  Add to cart effect issue.

-Fixed:  Menu widget issue.

Version 1.6 – Updated: 28.06.2014

- Fixed: Portfolio hover effect.    

- Fixed: Portfolio images changed.

- Fixed: Page Section responsive issue.

Version 1.5.1 – Updated: 12.04.2014

-Fixed: Slider auto changed on.

-Fixed: Added link of social media.

-Fixed: Search form resize problem.

Version 1.5 – Updated: 10.02.2014

-Fixed: css and js loading problem

-Fixed: Replace images for make faster.

-Fixed: Loading issue.

Version 1.4 – Updated: 11.12.2013

-Fixed: Slider auto changed on.

-Fixed: Added link of social media.

-Fixed : Search form resize problem.

-Fixed : Single sidebar heading title.

-Fixed : Image responsive in portfolio. 

Version 1.3 – Updated: 12.10.2013

-Fixed: Responsive issues.

-Fixed: Social media icon alignment.

-Fixed: Feature text disturb in responsive.

-Fixed: My account page alignment.

-Fixed: Plugin js problem.

Version 1.2 – Updated: 20.09.2013

-Fixed: css and js loading problem

-Fixed: Replace images for make faster.

-Fixed: Loading issue.

Version 1.1 – Updated: 20.08.2013

-Fixed: Improve Shop pages.

-Fixed: Title in mega menu

-Fixed: Page builder Widget issue.

Version 1.0 – 02.07.2013

- Initial Release.


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