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MOJO Themes – New Features

Quite a bit actually. Welcome MOJO Version 2.

WordPress and MOJO Social

Re-built from the Ground Up.


After one full year of being live, the marketplace just went through some significant enhancements. We took what we’ve learned through our experience as well as all the feedback from our ever-growing community and packaged it up to deliver the new MOJO goodness you’re enjoying right now.

After investing nearly two months in the new design of the site, we committed another two months in re-building the site solely around you, our beloved users. Not only have we just re-launched with a new beautiful design but it comes with some new features we’re confident you’ll love.

MOJO-Themes Account

The All-New Account Center.

Finally. It’s here. The tricky part about it is we had to focus on the best experience for two users. Buyers & Sellers. This is where MOJO Social comes in. Get ready to experience all-new features that will make you never want to leave the site. From alert notifications, private messaging, to following fellow MOJO users. More importantly, we included what you requested whilst keeping it simple and easy to use.

MOJO-Themes Notifications

Alert Notifications

As confident as we are that you will love the new features of MOJO-Social, we felt that it was absolutely necessary to build a robust notification system to keep you up to date on the latest.

Notifications expand across all your MOJO friends, private messages, and item updates (this will continue to evolve into more detail). Never get left behind again!

MOJO Social

MOJO Social

Seeing that MOJO is built on top of WordPress we’ve always wanted to add the social aspect that BuddyPress delivers. We humbly and boldly felt we could build an even better system, and trust us MOJO Social will not let you down. We’re excited to be able to connect the community at a whole new level.

MOJO-Themes Account Center

Enhanced Seller Control.

The account center on MOJO is your own personal command center. Whether you are a buyer or seller, there are features that will assist you in finding premium themes and template and resources for learning new techniques to developing top selling items.