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WordPress Plugin & Theme Security Vulnerability

Posted By Nick Rasmussen


GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We offer this community announcement and bring to your attention a XSS Vulnerability which is affecting multiple WordPress plugins and themes. The vulnerability affects multiple WordPress plugins and themes, many of which are popular among WordPress installations. The vulnerability is from a common code function in themes/plugins that are available from MOJOMarketplace and MOJO-themes, ... Read More

Introducing MOJO Marketplace

Posted By Lindsay


You all know and love MOJO Themes, you must if you are reading this blog! But do you know about MOJO Marketplace? We are expanding our reach and MOJO Marketplace is the newest edition to the MOJO brand of marketplaces – it’s creating a lot of buzz. What is MOJO Marketplace? We built MOJO Marketplace ... Read More

4th Annual MOJO Cyber Bundle is Live!

Posted By J.R. Farr


It’s finally here. The 4th annual MOJO Themes Cyber Bundle is now live! Cyber Monday is always a great time of year for the team here at MOJO to reflect on the last few years. It’s a time to see where we started and then how far we’ve come. There’s no better way to thank ... Read More

The 4th Annual Cyber Bundle is Almost Here

Posted By Lindsay


We’re happy to announce that the 4th annual Cyber Bundle is right around the corner! You’ve waited patiently all year, and now the wait is almost over. Starting midnight on Monday, December 2nd, you’ll be able to purchase one of MOJO Themes best bundles ever. This years Cyber Monday Bundle features 12 of the most popular ... Read More

Calling All Affiliates to Promote the Cyber Bundle

Posted By Lindsay


Attention to all MOJO affiliates! We want YOU to promote the 4th annual MOJO Themes Cyber Bundle. The Details: In honor of Cyber Monday, the Cyber Bundle will take place for 7 days only, between the dates of December 2nd (Monday) to December 8th (Sunday). The Bundle will include some of our most popular items ... Read More

MOJO Marketplace Video Teaser

Posted By Lindsay


We know that people still have questions about the MOJO Marketplace that will be launching very soon. Maybe you find yourself wondering… What is it exactly? What will it do for me as a buyer/seller? Why is it an industry game changer? Lucky for you, we’ve recently created a little video that explains the highlights ... Read More

MOJO Marketplace 101

Posted By Lindsay


Recently we announced the new MOJO Marketplace which is going to be launching very soon. As excited as we are, and we hope you are, I bet you are wondering “What does this mean for MOJO Themes?” Let us give you a little MOJO 101 course to let you know what the MOJO Marketplace means ... Read More

The MOJO Marketplace Beta Update

Posted By Lindsay


The new MOJO Marketplace is coming along fast and the Beta launch is just around the corner! We’re really excited about all of the progress we’ve made and we wanted to share some updates and pictures with you all. Enjoy. What’s happening on the MOJO Marketplace? As you can see, the MOJO Marketplace Beta Board ... Read More

Behind the scenes at Mojo HQ

Posted By Brady Nord


Lately there have been a lot of people working very hard behind the scenes here at Mojo that I wanted to give some recognition to. For the regular users of Mojo you may have only touched base with a few of us when the reality is that there are many unseen efforts that should be ... Read More

Highlighting Marketplace MOJO #14

Posted By Iz


We love to see so many great items we can review to add to the MOJO™ marketplace. Ranging from MOJO™ veteran authors adding new work, to new faces with some of the most premium templates we’ve seen. Why don’t we take a look into what was added this summer to date. We love to highlight ... Read More

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